Sunday, September 25, 2011

Reason's for my gray hair...

I am in serious need of a venting session. I have good news about my class. I moved 4 of my kids to a K/1 combo. This is good news because i have 4 less students BUT I got rid of good students. The were medium high kids and not behavior problems at all. I still have "those" ones. Speaking of "those" ones let me give you an up date on them.

The Mutes are down from 5 to 3. The remaining 3 still REFUSE to speak. They do their work which is great but again part of kindergarten is SPEAKING. "You say it You learn it". I have parent conferences next week and this need they have to blend in with the walls will be addressed.

Miss Attitude is still going strong. She has about 1/2 good days every 2 weeks. She can not be nice. I am starting to think that it is impossible for her to not piss everybody off. She has also turned into a bold face LIAR. For example I caught her punching another kid in the back. To make it worse it was one of my mutes. I confront her and tell her that I saw her punch him and would like to know why. I thought I asked nice and that it was a reasonable question. Her response is...I didn't punch him! He lied! Tell her he didn't say anything I SAW you do it. Her response...You're wrong I didn't hit him. She argued this for 10 minutes. I even told her that the truth will get her less punishment. NOPE she stuck to that story. This girl is going to be a terror. Can't wait until she's a teen and gets her period. Oh what a joy she will be then. Thank GOD she will be out of my class by then...hopefully.

The Licker has turned into an obnoxious I don't want to do a damn thing bump on a log. He has stopped licking people. He does still lick objects when he thinks no one will see. When it comes to his work he flat out REFUSES to do it. It's not that he can't he has the ability to he just doesn't WANT to. Whenever he is told to do his work he answers with "I can't". That's it "I can't". Really because yesterday you TRACED the letters did you loose that skill overnight? He makes me a little crazy with his answers.

Like I said before parent conferences are next week and all of my little issues with my prized students will be addressed. What I really hope doesn't happen is that the parents think I'm a priest and start confessing all of their sins. This has happened at almost every parent conference. I don't mind hearing what is going on in the house especially if it effects the child in my class. I don't want to hear your having a secret affair or that your oldest child is going to jail for selling drugs. I don't want to hear about your gang or how many times the cops have been to your neighbors house. Unless it is about your child or your child is in danger stop blabbing about. Here's hoping all goes smoothly...fingers crossed.

On to my own little Queen of contradiction...Mia. She is the main source of my gray hair. Everyday it is a fight to get her into clothes...EVERYDAY!!! I have to tell her again and again that she can take them off after school. And trust me she does. The minute we walk through the door past the living room and into the kitchen she is in her panties with a trail of clothes behind her. It takes me 20 minutes to get her dressed and 2 seconds for her to get naked. I don't understand this!! I don't walk around in my underwear, Jacob doesn't walk around in his, hmmm Who could she be copying...hmmmm. Process of elimination says... DAD! Sorry sweety but it's YOU! Another issue with my little gray hair giver is her hair. I ask her, Do you want your hair up or down? She says "Up!" So I put it up. The second I'm done she wants it down and is flipping out over her hair. I put it down to make her happy because I love her and don't want her sad. Plus if she doesn't stop her yelling I might tape her mouth shut. Wouldn't want that to happen ...would we? Like I said she is the QUEEN of contradiction.

Anyways off to watch football. I'm in a fantasy football league and need to see how my players are doing. Maybe I should write about that next time I get a quiet moment. :)

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